Activities at and Around Bella Pacifica Campground

Beaches shimmering with surf, wilderness islands, secluded coves and pristine shorelines are some of the jewels of the West Coast.

Long Beach is where travellers to Vancouver Island often get their first glimpse of open ocean. This sparkling beach features 10 kilometers of sandy shoreline that makes for easy walking. But the beach is just the beginning. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and Clayoquot Sound are extraordinary places where intact rainforest ecosystems thrive, compelling visitors to linger and reflect.

Take relaxing walks or more intensive hikes along the beaches and trails, or venture by water to discover the coastline. Enjoy a day of fishing, visit steaming hot springs, or view the magnificent Grey whales that migrate through our territory each year.

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Our knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you plan special outdoor adventures, ranging from kayaking and fishing to surfing and body boarding. The presence of nature and the magic of the ocean await you.

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